6th AIAA Propulsion Aerodynamics Workshop

Workshop: January 21-22, 2023

AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition

National Harbor, MD, USA

PAW Objectives:

  • Assess the numerical prediction capability (meshing, numerics, turbulence modeling, high-performance computing requirements, etc.) of current-generation CFD technology/codes for inlets, diffusers, and nozzles and their propulsion-specific boundary conditions.
  • Develop and enhance practical modeling guidelines and capabilities for CFD prediction of propulsion flow fields.
  • Determine the elements of propulsion aerodynamics that are critical for modeling to enable the development of more accurate prediction methods and tools.
  • Promote education and mentoring of the next generation of propulsion CFD engineers

General Information:

  • PAW is patterned after the Drag Prediction Workshop (DPW) series. Participation in the propulsion workshop studies is not required to attend the workshop; everyone is welcome.
  • Open, unbiased forums are included in the workshop to discuss the results and promote cross-pollination of best practices.
  • The PAW-6 test cases will include supersonic hot round jet plumes and supersonic inlets with boundary layer bleed.
  • Student scholarships ($500) will be awarded to top student presentations as decided by the committee.
  • Top presentations will be invited to submit papers for special conference session in 2024.


  • PAW-6 Slack channel has been created for participants to use as a platform for collaboration across individual teams, for asking questions to workshop organizers, and for posting workshop-related topics of interest.
  • Click Here to Join PAW-6 Slack Channel


PAW6 Registration Link

Data Submission Deadline (UPDATED 11/21/2022):

Data submissions are kindly requested by December 10, 2022. Any data submitted after December 10, 2022 will not appear in the workshop summary analysis, but may be shown by the participant in their talk.

Workshop Agenda (UPDATED 01/12/2023):

Day 1 – Inlet Test Case.
Day 2 – Nozzle Test Case.

PAW06 Attendees 01/22/2023