Special Topics Case Study

The Special Topic for this year’s PAW is a Supersonic Channeled Centerbody Inlet.Cut away Supersonic Channeled Centerbody Inlet computational model

PLEASE NOTE: The host server is no longer available. Please contact the POC for files.

The POC for these grid is Vangelis Skaperdas

Participant Guides:

Participant Guide for the Special Topic

Participant Special Topics Results Submittal Form


TechLand channelled inlet w instrumentation.igs 

TechLand Inlet_unchanneld_cb.igs


2D Mixed Element

ANSA_2D_CGNS_PW_mixed.tar.gz (~3 MB)

2D Quad Element

ANSA_2D_CGNS_PW_quad.tar.gz (~5 MB)

3D Unstructured