Baseline Nozzle Test Case

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Participant Guides:

Participant Guide for the Baseline Nozzle

Baseline Nozzle Inlet Profiles

Summary Sheet for Pitot Baseline Configuration

Summary Sheet for Pitot with Aft Deck Configuration

Summary Sheet for Ramp Pressures for Aft Deck Configuration

NEW   Experimental Data


Baseline nozzle_081417.igs: This is the GEOMETRY for the baseline nozzle.

Nozzle w baseline ramp_081417.igs: This is the GEOMETRY for the nozzle with the baseline ramp.


Grids: please note all of the grids are half-symmetry models

Baseline Nozzle_Structured.tgz: These are 3 multi-block structured GRIDS for the baseline nozzle

Baseline_Nozzle_Unstructured.tgz: These are 3 CGNS unstructured GRIDS for the baseline nozzle

Nozzle_With_Baseline_Ramp_Structured.tgz: There are 3 mulit-block structured GRIDS for the baseline nozzle with ramp

Nozzle-Aft-Deck-Unstructured.tgz: There are 3 CGNS unstructured GRIDS for the baseline nozzle with ramp

NEW Grids that do not require BL input – duct extended to allow boundary layer to develop

  • Baseline Nozzle
  • Nozzle with Aft Deck
Grid Size Information:

All of the unstructured grids are in CGNS format; whereas, the structured grids are in native binary (little endian), double-precision, PLOT3D format.

The Baseline Nozzle_Structured.tgz file includes the following grids:
Baseline-Structured-Coarse.x – 10.313*10^6 hexes/10.496*10^6 points
Baseline-Structured-Medium.x – 20.947*10^6 hexes/21.245*10^6 points

Baseline-Structured-Fine.x – 56.837*10^6 hexes/56.452*10^6 points

The Baseline_Nozzle_Unstructured.tgz file includes the following grids
Baseline-Unstructured-Coarse – 10.937*10^6 cells/4.082*10^6 points
Baseline-Unstructured-Medium – 17.160*10^6 cells/5.703*10^6 points

Baseline-Unstructured-Fine – 39.335*10^6 cells/6.586*10^6 points

The Nozzle_With_Baseline_Ramp_Structured.tgz file includes the following grids
Nozzle-Ramp-Structured-Coarse.x – 18.382*10^6 hexes/18.657*10^6 points
Nozzle-Ramp-Structured-Medium.x – 27.876*10^6 hexes/28.236*10^6 points

Nozzle-Ramp-Structured-Fine.x – 74.068*10^6 hexes/74.786*10^6 points

The Nozzle-Aft-Deck-Unstructured.tgz file includes the following grids
Nozzle-Ramp-Unstructured-Coarse.cgns – 8.570*10^6 cells/3.638*10^6 points
Nozzle-Ramp-Unstructured-Medium.cgns – 16,421*10^6 cells/6.559*10^6 points
Nozzle-Ramp-Unstructured-Fine.cgns – 35.585*10^6 cells/13.163*10^6 points