PAW-5 Inlet Test Case

Inlet Test Case:

The inlet test case being investigated for PAW-5 is an axisymmetric inlet in close proximity to the ground. As a result of being in close proximity to the ground, the inlet will ingest vortices that could both drastically impact performance and result in foreign object debris (FOD) being ingested by the propulsion system. This is a concern for aircraft during both takeoff and landing. The described problem was chosen to be the PAW-5 inlet test case with goal of gaining more insight into the prediction capabilities and/or limitations of current solvers for ground vortex ingestion into inlets. Additionally, the goal is to establish best practices and enhance our understanding of how to properly simulate these types of problems.

Participant Guide:

The participant guide for the inlet test case is provided in the link below. The guide defines the details of the geometry, common inputs to be used by PAW-5 participants, and the required output for the inlet test case.

Download Inlet Participant Guide

Grid and Geometry Files:

A grid family consisting of four mixed-element grids was produced by Pointwise for PAW-5 participants. Both the geometry and grids are available for download using the link below. Note that the grids are available in both CGNS and WIND formats and the geometry is provided in both IGES and STEP format. If another grid format is desired, the Pointwise files are also available for download using the provided link. Participants may download the Pointwise files and export the grid in any available format. For any issues encountered with the inlet grids, participants may contact Carolyn Woeber ( or Kristen Shoemake ( of Pointwise Inc.

Download Inlet Files

Please note that you will need Pointwise V18.3 R2 to work with the provided project (.pw) files if you wish to export to a CAE solver other than those provided.  Participants can download the required version here:

Grid Size Information:

Four levels of grid refinement are provided for the inlet test case. Note that all of the grids consist of mixed-elements utilizing a combination of tetrahedra, prisms, pyramids, and hexahedra elements. The following grids are included in the provided download link.

PAW5_Inlet_12.7MillCells_Coarse – 12.7*10^6 cells / 3.31*10^6 points 
PAW5_Inlet_39.8MillCells_Medium – 39.8*10^6 cells / 10.1*10^6 points 
PAW5_Inlet_128MillCells_Fine – 128*10^6 cells / 31.9*10^6 points 
PAW5_Inlet_414MillCells_XFine – 414*10^6 cells / 102*10^6 points

Data Submission:

Participant data files are to be completed and returned to the workshop committee.

Download Inlet Data Submission File

Experimental Data (NEW):

The experimental data corresponding to the PAW5 inlet test cases can be obtained using the following link.

PAW5 Inlet Experimental Data