PAW-6 Nozzle Test Case

The main objective of the PAW-6 nozzle test case is to assess the accuracy of existing computer codes and modeling techniques for simulating the aerodynamics and thermodynamics of jet plumes from axisymmetric supersonic nozzles. The PAW-6 nozzle test cases considers three supersonic axisymmetric nozzle configurations, each with the same exit area, with different internal convergent-divergent (C-D) nozzle contours, for a series of flow conditions where the jet pressure ratio (which prescribes a desired Mach number) and jet temperature are varied. The focus of the nozzle test case will be on predicting the plume development and plume turbulent statistics. The PAW-6 nozzle files including the participant document describing the test cases, computational grids, nozzle geometries, and submission files can be downloaded using the link below.

Download PAW-6 Nozzle Test Case Files